English with Ieva

Don’t just watch the world.

Go, be a part of it.


Hi, I’m Ieva

and my mission is to show you

that you can speak English.

It’s not your theory knowledge that defines how good your English is, it’s how well you can use it. Therefore, there’s only one answer to those that want to improve their speaking skills – it’ll take speaking. Join me and this beautiful community in order to improve and practise together.

4 ways you can learn and practise


Learn in a friendly environment of a small group so there’s plenty of room for speaking.

Individual sessions

Learning plan and process crafted to your situation and goals at your pace.


One-off lesson focused on one topic in grammar, style or vocabulary.



A specific period of time filled with English everywhere and all the time; just as if you were in London!


3 ways you can practise speaking

A Cup of English

Join a 30min call to warm up your English speaking skills any day, every day.

Speak Free

Express your opinion on a new stimulating topic every week.

Book Club

Read/listen to a book every month and share your thoughts in a monthly meetup.

What others say

After having tried many courses, I found Ieva’s teaching methods refreshing and well-informed. I was quiet and shy before Ieva helped me find confidence and joy in learning and speaking English. – Eglė M.

Highly recommend! If you want to learn with practice – Ieva will make you speak English in no time! – Jurga J.

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On New Year’s we thought about the best things that happened to us last year and we made the conclusion that it was finding Ieva.

– Žygimantas and Anželika