English with Ieva

Don’t just watch the world.

Go, be a part of it.


Hi, I’m Ieva

and my mission is to show you

that you can speak English.

It’s not your theory knowledge that defines how good your English is, it’s how well you can use it. Therefore, there’s only one answer to those that want to improve their speaking skills – it’ll take speaking. Join me and this beautiful community in order to improve and practise together.

If you want to learn and practise

Individual sessions

  • Any level is welcome
  • We meet you where you are: at your level, with your problems, your pace, meeting times and any other preferences
  • We work towards your goals whatever they may be: speaking, grammar, academic writing, exams, business presentations or job change
  • A lot of speaking practice
  • All materials are provided
  • Safe but stimulating environment, tasks and conversations
  • As often as you like
  • 30Eur per session (50min)

Group courses

(General or Business English)

  • A1 – C1 levels
  • We study both grammar and vocabulary, we work on our knowledge of theory as well as put it into practice
  • Up to 5 learners per group
  • Safe and fun environment to enjoy the learning process and communication in English
  • A lot of speaking practice
  • All materials provided
  • Personal feedback available
  • 1.5h/week
  • 60Eur/month

Speak Free

  • Levels B1-C1
  • Discussion groups of up to 5 learners each
  • We only use original resources such as Netflix, TedTalks, BBC etc.
  • You study vocabulary on that week’s topic at home
  • You practise that vocabulary in our discussions
  • It’s all about enhancing your vocabulary and building communication skills that hopefully you can you in the English speaking world outside of our meetings
  • Personal feedback available
  • 1h/week
  • 120Eur/2 months

If you want to practise speaking

A Cup of English

  • Levels A2-B2
  • 30min-long calls to chat in English over a cup of tea/coffee
  • Join as often as you like
  • This is a friendly place to fight your fears to speak in English
  • If you want more opportunities to put all that theory that you know into practice – look no more
  • No homework, no materials, only an informal chat for you to practise speaking
  • Every work day, 10.00-10.30am London time
  • 30Eur/month

English Book Club

  • Levels B1-C2
  • We read/listen to 1 book per month
  • We meet every first Thursday of the month to discuss last month’s book
  • Everyone can contribute to the reading list
  • You can find what book we’re reading now here
  • Private Facebook group
  • Free for everyone