I come from a small village in South West Lithuania, which I changed for the world once I finished school. Yes, English has been the key to everything that I have experienced ever since I left my first home. And no, I didn’t learn it in just a few years, it has been an ongoing project spanning through most of my life. This is not meant to demotivate you, I promise it’s absolutely worth it!

For the reasons above I normally teach British English, however I can always adapt to the student’s preferences.

I have lived in 2 continents and 5 different countries now, I have visited over 35 countries and made friends all over the world. I have studied and worked in English and that’s the language I speak at home. My mother tongue is Lithuanian but in addition to English I have also studied Latin, German, Russian, French and now I’m learning Portuguese.

I know how hard it can be to work towards such a difficult goal as learning a language. But I also know how much harder it is to accept that you’re outside of it. Learning a language can become a hobby or at least a fun free-time activity, your time with yourself and your investment into the future self that you definitely deserve to be. It can boost your confidence way before you start speaking, trying to learn something new is good enough of a reason to be proud of oneself.

Welcome to our community of learners and the curious. We have built a supportive and inspiring place for us all to learn together and we hope you find it useful and want to stay.

Speak to you soon,